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Born in Lucerne, Switzerland, works as a freelance photographer and art director. He lives in Bern since 2003.


Photographing where life leaves its traces: When Peter Christensen reaches for the camera, in the field, in the rough air, at places

of natural longing, in factory halls, on building sites, in hotel kitchens, in street canyons, right in the midst of action.


Truth instead of deception: it is the conscious renunciation of staged productions, artificial light and subsequent image composing on the computer that turns his pictures into photographic exclamation marks that tear the viewer out of their viewing routine with unfiltered power.


Peter Christensen’s pictures are never artificial, always authentic. It is the aesthetics of the unadulterated that ignite a very special urgency and poetry: the poetry of the real.


The pictures of Peter Christensen smoke, sparkle and glitter. You can hear it drumming and hissing, only to be captured again by

a meditative silence.


Spontaneous impressions turn into lasting images that inspire reflection and further thought. This requires the ability to capture the right moment. An eye for the surprising detail. A quick grasp. Empathy.



Academic training as a graphic designer and photographer at the College of Art and Design in Lucerne. Working as chief expert of the examination board for the final graphic exams at the same institution. Various positions as graphic designer, art director, and reportage photographer in various studios and agencies. The Co-founding of his own advertising agency. The time as a freelance

art director and photographer for international companies in Athens. The return to Switzerland. The foundation of his studio Christensen Design in Bern.

Since 2009 Peter Christensen has been exhibiting his photographs in various galleries. Together with his wife, the painter Eveline Stauffer, he often realizes interdisciplinary exhibitions that combine photography and fine arts.


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